Mortgage Checklist

Mortgage Checklist 

Information Typically Required When Applying for Mortgage

Basic Information:

□ Copy of your Driver's License

□ Last 30 Days consecutive pay stubs

□ Last 2 years W-2's and Tax Returns

□ Bank statements for the past two months  (ALL pages, ALL accounts) or 60-Day printout of accounts from the Bank that is stamped and signed

□ Investment account statements for the past two months

□ Retirement account statements for the past two months

□ Name, Address, and Telephone Number(s) of Landlord or letter from Landlord stating amount of Monthly Rent and the Statement  "Paid as agreed for past 12 months"  (if presently renting) 

□ Name, Address, and Telephone Number(s) of Employers for past 2 years

□ Signed Real Estate Contract and all Riders on home being purchased

□ Names & contacts for Attorney, and Insurance Agent

□ Appraisal Fee (Credit or Debit Card Preferred)


If you currently own Real Estate:

□ Mortgage account information

□ Home insurance policy information

□ Home equity account information (if applicable)


Miscellaneous Information Needed  -  if Applicable:

□ Recorded Divorce Decree(s) or Separation Agreements  (All Pages)

□ Recorded Bankruptcy Discharge and Schedule of Creditors

□ Most Recent Social Security Award Letter or Pension Award Letter

□ Filed and Stamped Release of any Judgment and Paid Receipts of all Collections

□ 12 Month Court Printout of Receiving Child Support

□ Address and Information on any other Real Estate owned


Self-Employed Buyers:  In addition to Basic Information

□ Year-to-Date Profit and Loss Statement with complete Tax Returns. 

(Last 2 years filed)


Veterans:   In addition to Basic Information

□ Copy of DD-214

□ Original Certificate of Eligibility